Bringing delicious food to your doorstep!

Bringing delicious food to your doorstep!

Paul and Elaine at the St Jacobs farmers market from Spruce Ridge Farm, Rodney, Ontario.

Meet The Spruce Ridge Team

Have you been craving some delicious, farm-fresh vegetables lately? Look no further than the St. Jacobs Farmers Market, where Paul and Elaine have a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for juicy tomatoes, or crisp bell peppers, we’ve got you covered.

Stop by and visit us at St. Jacob’s Farmers Market or on the farm to pick up the perfect ingredients for your next meals and all your home canning needs.

See you soon! 

~ Paul & Elaine

Why Choose Spruce RIdge Farm?

We pride ourselves on being responsible stewards of the land, dedicated to preserving it for future generations. By choosing to buy local, you are supporting your community and ensuring that your food comes from nearby sources. Remember, the closer the source, the fresher the food!

When you buy local, you are not only investing in the health of your community and the environment, but you are also getting the freshest and most flavorful produce available. By reducing the distance your food travels, you are cutting down on carbon emissions and supporting small-scale farmers who take pride in their work. So next time you’re at the market, remember the impact of your choices and choose local for a healthier planet and a thriving community.

Buckets of farm fresh red, orange and yellow pepper at St Jacobs market from Spruce Ridge Farm in Rodney, Ontario.

Mike Jack Eats Heat

Mike Jack is the two-time League of Fire World Chili Eating Champion and holds multiple Guinness World Records titles including “Fastest Time to Eat 100 Carolina Reaper Peppers.”

Mike Jack Eats Heat! World Chilli Pepper Eating Champion, Guinness World Records, Spicy Challenges, Competitive Eating, Hot Sauce.

The Benefits of Buying Fresh Produce!

Fresh produce loses nutrients rapidly. However, locally grown food that is purchased shortly after harvest maintains its nutrient content. When you buy locally grown food, we are ensuring that you are getting the most nutrients possible from our produce.

Nutrient Rich Food

Equals healthier living for you and your family.

Buy Local!

You are supporting our community farmers.

By purchasing food that has been recently harvested, we are getting the freshest and most nutrient-dense options available. This is why it is important to prioritize buying locally sourced food whenever possible to maximize the health benefits we receive from our meals.